Les Hamlin Les Hamlin
    These copies were lithographed off of our original, which was drawn over a 41/2 month period.  From the Mayflower flying the English Flag in the upper right corner, the future of the Space Program with the X-33.   This is the proposed experimental space shuttle using scram jet technology.

    Geographically, the print was laid out as best as possible--North to South: East to West...........

     From Seattle and the Space Needle in the upper left, down through San Francisco with the Golden Gate bridge.  Continuing South through Hollywood with John Wayne & Marilyn Monroe until you end up in San Diego with the Star of India & Hotel Del Coronado.  Now travel Northeast through Texas with the Alamo then on to St. Louis and the Arch--the "Gateway to the West". As you continue Southeast into Florida you will see the Space shuttle at the Kennedy Space Center.  Now travel North you will see New York and the Statue of Liberty, along with the Capitol, Washington Monument, and the White House.  There are over 150 People, Places, Symbols and events depicted in the picture.

     Of special interest is the map of the United States in the upper left.  YOU CAN ACTUALLY READ THE GETTYSBURG ADDRESS.  It was done while working underneath a jeweler's magnifying glass.  To our knowledge, NO ONE has ever done this before!

     You can also read the preamble to the Constitution, the inscription on the "Golden Spike" that joined the Central Pacific & Union Pacific railroads in Promontory, Utah (1869).

     As a tribute to our Armed Forces, we have Bob Hope representing all branches of Service.  Uncle Sam from WWI , Patton & Halsey from WWll. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Vietnam Memorial and Wall, Schwarzkopf, Bush and Collin Powell from Desert Storm.  Can you find more???

     Gary Fussner, Del Riley and Les Hamlin intended this picture to be a unique conversation piece hanging in your living room, office or Den as a tribute to ALL Americans, especially our Armed Forces.

     The title "The Eagle flies Free" was derived as follows: The Eagle is our emblem and Freedom is what America represents thanks to the sacrifices of our men and women in the Armed Forces.

     These pictures make excellent gifts, especially with an engraving.  YOU CAN SAY ANYTHING YOU WANT !!!  The back of the picture is also like a giant Greeting card..........you can write anything you like.